First Gig for 26 Years!

poster_exchange_160327We’re back – and delighted to announce our first gig in over 26 years, supporting the rather wonderful Antimatter, at The Exchange, Old Market, Bristol on Sunday, March 27th (that’s Easter Sunday, btw).

You can expect to hear all of the Young, Free & Simple EP from back in the day – although we think we may possibly have learnt a few things over the intervening period and, consequently, improved things a tad – along with tracks like Stranger and Peace, that last saw the light of day in heavy rock form, with Twisted.

I suspect you may well get to hear a Bob Calvert cover too – does anybody want to buy a Starfighter?…

Hello again, world!

Well, it’s been some time since this ship last sailed – October 1989, in fact! Over the last month or so, we’ve been relearning a few songs, some last played in a Belizean whorehouse over 26 years ago. Amazingly enough, Al, Rich and Ian seem to kind of remember them.

Rich is currently working on typing up his 1989 tour diary from Belize and Mexico and scanning in various photos, posters and articles. They’ll appear here shortly.  As for what happens after that, well, we’ll see, shan’t we…