Wednesday 18th October, 1989 – Belize APC

Alan in rehearsal at Antenna Studios, Redland, 1988
Alan in rehearsal at Antenna Studios, Redland, 1988

It’s a good job I don’t get proper hangovers as I spent most of the day wandering around still drunk from last night.  Cat ‘n Fiddle all buggered off to the seaside for the day and Eric went on a boat trip.  Meanwhile I had a good kip!  Well, I did write some postcards too.  Then, after tea, we trundled round to the Junior Ranks Club to set up the gear for tonight’s show, a sort of heavily extended encore left over from Sunday.


Soundchecking was fun, as Wayne still doesn’t really have a clue what he’s doing, but we just about got there in the end.  Anyway, everything was made a lot easier by the fact that it was our own show and Moriarty, Public Enemy #1, wasn’t in a position to screw anything up.

At 20:30 we got down to the business of playing and it was a great relief to be able to include all of our favourites, rather than being the pale imitations of ourselves that we’ve been forced to be recently. We did a couple of spontaneous/requested covers too and Paranoid, in particular, was so spot on it was amazing.


Ian in rehearsal at Antenna Studios, Redland, 1988
Ian in rehearsal at Antenna Studios, Redland, 1988

For some reason, Eric’s synth started ridiculously overloading during Pack Of Lies and deafened everyone so we asked him to turn it down and he flounced off stage for five minutes, amidst fits of giggles from the rest of us.  I think we sound pretty good as a four-piece anyway!  After our encore several of the squaddies helped us pack and load the gear into the four-tonner and then we all went off to some RMP’s room, which had one wall plastered with the obligatory cut-outs from girlie mags.  A few gallons of beer later we all slunk off to bed, at least that was the logical deduction I made, as I can’t actually remember that bit!


Black Magic Woman
Stranger In A Strange Land
Green Onions
Bridge To Burn
Peace Through Superior Firepower
You Really Got Me

Hot Dog
Born To Be Wild
Whole Lotta Rosie
Republican Banana
Pack Of Lies
The Right Stuff
Talking For Free
Johnny B Goode

12 Bar – mostly Roll Over Beethoven

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